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Giorgio Armani seduces Venice with 'One Night Only' fashion show during the Venice Film Festival

L'ÉPOQUE USA - At 89, Giorgio Armani continues to amaze with his creativity and impeccable elegance. The King of Fashion's latest event, One Night Only, a fashion show that can be experienced like love at first sight, pays homage to La Serenissima in a historic and fascinating setting, the Tese delle Nappe of the Arsenale in Venice, where ships once sailed overseas.

09.04.2023 © L'ÉPOQUE USA

By Véronique Dupont

Giorgio Armani is touched when he tells us why he chose Venice for the new stage of this traveling event, which over the years has emphasized the connection with the cities that have hosted it. «I wanted to bring the idea of the harlequin from the intimacy of Paris to this much larger space and capture the spirit of the city», he explains. Venice, with its Baroque churches, Byzantine influences and lavishly costumed processions, seems a far cry from Armani's understated minimalism and famous non-colors, but the designer insisted it was the ideal setting. «From my first visit, I was impressed by Venice and all its colors. It's a dream paradise, an oppressive city with a decadent atmosphere. And yet it conveys a certain sense of unique elegance», the designer said.

Saturday's event was the seventh One Night Only show, following London, Tokyo, Beijing, Rome, Paris and Dubai. At the first event, Beyoncé performed, and in Venice, Róisín Murphy sang magnificently.

Giorgio Armani  One Night Only Venice
© Giorgio Armani on his yacht in Venice.

Throughout the weekend, Giorgio Armani seemed to dominate the city known as La Serenissima. Dozens of elegant water cabs with the “GA” symbol drove guests around the lagoon city. In addition to the fashion show, Armani's beauty division is one of the main sponsors of the Venice Film Festival. On Friday evening, the company hosted an exclusive dinner at the Guggenheim Museum on the Grand Canal, arguably the most beautiful main street in the world.

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