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Exclusive Interview with Eleni Koutsoudi Iola: Descendant of Surrealist Art Gallerist Legend Alexander Iolas reveals Insight on Surrealism and the Power of Art in Psychotherapy

L’ÉPOQUE USA - L'ÉPOQUE unveils the captivating world of surrealism and its influence on psychotherapy in an exclusive interview with psychotherapist and author Eleni Koutsoudi Iola, descendant of the legendary Art Gallerist Alexander Iolas and author of the book My Uncle Alexander Iolas, a full biography of her uncle, which she published in 2021. As we explore the depths of the human spirit and emotions, we discover how art, especially surrealism, can play a powerful role in healing and self-discovery.

06.13.2024 © L'ÉPOQUE USA

By Vassiliki Papageorgopoulou

Eleni Koutsoudi Iola Alexander Iolas
Courtesy of © Eleni Koutsoudi Iola.

Surrealism, with its dream-like imagery and unconventional approach, has the ability to tap into the deep recesses of the psyche and unlock hidden thoughts and emotions buried deep within our subconscious. Through surrealist art, individuals can tap into their innermost fears, desires, and memories, allowing for a cathartic release and a deeper understanding of themselves.

Imagine diving into a painting by Salvador Dali or exploring the fantastical worlds created by Remedios Varo – these surreal experiences can trigger profound insights and healing. Through symbolism and metaphor, surreal art allows us to express complex emotions that may be difficult to put into words.

Eleni Koutsoudi Iola Alexander Iolas
Alexander Iolas, pictured at his home in Athens, in 1983. In the background, there’s a sculpted bar in the shape of a cat, designed by Claude & François-Xavier Lallane © Getty Images.

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