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Sara Abbas, a multi-talented artist and a "Royal Connector"

L'ÉPOQUE USA - A friend of women and promoter of quality since 1845, L'ÉPOQUE features some international women leaders who are making a difference with their talent and social commitment. For the June cover and lead story, L'ÉPOQUE honors award-winning artist and entrepreneur Sara Abbas.

06.07.2023 © L'ÉPOQUE USA

By Lilly Carter

Sara Abbas
Sraa Abbas on the Cover No. 03 of © L'ÉPOQUE USA - June 2023 - Photo by © John Dole.

Sara Abbas is a multi-talented artist, a diverse global leader and the award-winning founder of a brand portfolio that includes her innovative fashion company, a diversity-focused talent and consulting agency, an international financial firm, and a nonprofit organization. She sits on the board of Forbes and works with several international organizations, including Who is Who International Awards and World Innovation Alliance.

Sara Abbas has dedicated many years to her passion for strategically connecting others and building cross-cultural bridges. She brings together some of the brightest minds, earning her the nickname "Royal Connector". Many of her elite guests are diplomats, heads of state, aristocrats, celebrities, musicians, influencers and prominent CEOs, to name a few.

Sara Abbas
Sara Abbas - Photo by © Annalisa Johnson.

Sara Abbas is currently designing new collections for her fashion line, has several new literary projects in the works, is developing a screenplay about the first Gulf War, and runs other projects in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. She also advises companies on practical and cost-effective ways to reduce their carbon footprint and is passionate about preventing deforestation (in conjunction with other global causes she supports).

Among her significant accomplishments, Sara Abbas has received the prestigious Nelson Mandela's Nobel Peace Prize and received an honorary doctorate in global leadership. Sara Abbas has been named one of the Top 6 CEOs in the world by CEO Rankings, she has received several awards from the Global Council for the Promotion of International Trade for her efforts in sustainable fashion, and she has been recognized fromw various non-profit organizations and UN-recognized NGOs for her efforts on a number of humanitarian causes.

Sara Abbas

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