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Alessandro Civati presents EdVerso

L'ÉPOQUE USA - Today we have the pleasure of meeting Alessandro Civati, chairman of LutinX. Entrepreneur, visionary and researcher in the field of blockchain, education and artificial intelligence who presents EdVerso.

05.10.2023 ©️ L'ÉPOQUE USA

By Lilly Carter

Alessandro Civati LutinX EdVerso
Alessandro Civati - Founder and CEO of LutinX and EdVerso

Alessandro Civati is the CEO of LutinX, a Swiss-American company specializing in tracking and protecting data based on blockchain technology. For years, Alessandro Civati has worked with public institutions and international companies providing solutions in the education, healthcare and aerospace sectors. As part of his activity and as an expert, he lectures at Italian and American universities, bringing direct experience in the application of this technology through concrete use cases. As part of his activities, Alessandro Civati is the promoter of the EdVerso project, a protocol based on blockchain technology to record, monitor, validate and verify the skills and knowledge of all types of users, including workers, in the private and public sectors. Today, EdVerso has users such as high schools, universities, private and public educational institutions in 17 countries around the world, including Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Mr. Civati, we're pleased to introduce you to our readers. In a globalized world where the Internet allows us to connect with the rest of the world and access educational and professional opportunities remotely, what are the challenges and solutions?

«In a connected world where it is possible to work anywhere, the world of work has changed and is changing faster and faster. Companies, especially western ones, are struggling and looking for modern solutions to continue their activities.

It is important to talk about professional or academic skills even before talking about a job. European schools, like many others in the world, are docked to the standards of the 80s and the most modern of the early 2000s. We are talking about 20 and 40 years ago. Today, in order to have his values recognized, a worker needs qualifications on paper, always up to date and authenticated and (perhaps) verified by a third, "unknown" side. How is it possible to talk about qualifications acquired 10, 20 or more years ago? We can imagine, for example, that the school where we studied closed, changed its name, or simply moved away», Alessandro Civati said.

So how can you claim your own qualifications or diplomas in these complex situations?

«Words, texts and articles were published without borders. Discussion groups were opened all over the world to develop opinions, ideas and possibilities. What theories!

Europe and the big countries show their fragility here. Each country wants to stand up to the other and each professor wants to stand up to his colleagues. In this prevarication context, the market has produced the best solutions by itself.

We're talking about "EdVerso International", a non-profit organization founded in Switzerland, without public funding, but only with the desire to create a focal point for the rules and customs, to seek out people's skills, to promote the professional development of workers and to bring technology into the hands of everyone in a simple way, without bureaucracy and obstacles».

LutinX and EdVerso in a video presentation

Mr. Civati, what are the goals of EdVerso International?

«EdVerso International, officially launched in Italy in June 2022 in the Chamber of Deputies of the Government, aims to provide a free online tool to all citizens, students and workers thanks to a simple operating protocol and blockchain technology. The EdVerso protocol starts with a KYC process, which is required to determine who is responsible for the training and who is the teacher.

EdVerso isn't a certification body nor a training facility. EdVerso is a reality that puts all education and professional providers on the same level, verifies their identity, and verifies all training plans and/or requirements needed to issue certain professional and/or academic certificates. It provides a public pathway for all individuals involved, the opportunity to share their skills, certifications and scientific research».

Mr. Civati, can you explain how this protocol works?

«The solution was born with's blockchain technology. Thanks to an environment called ©Booklet, developed between 2017 and 2018 and available for free to all users, it's possible to archive, share, update and improve school, academic and professional competences. Training centers can also use to publish their credentials, which will finally be accessible to all, even outside their computer system or even outside their own professional mission.

Let's think, for example, of the lawyers in Milan or the architects in Paris. If we don't know where they got their credentials, how can we be sure they're qualified - apart from looking at business cards, websites or Linkedin pages?

The falsification of educational, professional, medical or psychological qualifications is increasing every day through the spread of fake news, fake documents and fake dossiers developed and plagiarized by third parties».

What is the strength of EdVerso and how does it make a difference?

«EdVerso and LutinX, together with their partners, have opted for a transparent and public way of working that allows trainees and workers to make the most of their knowledge and experience. Today, a worker who can prove his or her skills and micro-skills in a simple, objective and immediate way can finally earn his or her merit. With this protocol, the era of fake resumes is coming to an end», Alessandro Civati said.

In the coming weeks we'll closely follow and share with you the evolution of the EdVerso model in the international market, because it's a real and necessary solution.

Alessandro Civati LutinX EdVerso



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