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Eurovision 2023 - Sweden's Loreen makes history with her second win

L'ÉPOQUE USA - On Saturday evening, the grand final of Eurovision 2023 took place in Liverpool.

05.14.2023 © L'ÉPOQUE USA

By Tracy Evans

Loreen at the Eurovision 2023 © Getty Images.
Loreen at the Eurovision 2023 © Getty Images.

The winner of this year's contest was Loreen from Sweden, who thrilled the audience with her hit "Tattoo" and received an impressive total score of 583 points.

Favored by the bookies, Loreen, who had already won the contest in 2012 with her chart hit "Euphoria," is now a two-time Eurovision winner. This makes her one of only two people, along with Ireland's Jonny Logan, to have won the Eurovision Song Contest twice.

Sweden has won the contest for the seventh time, making it, together with Ireland, the most successful country in the history of Eurovision.

Although Finland did not take first place, it proved to be a crowd favorite and secured second place with an impressive 526 points. Israeli singer Noa Kirel also had a strong performance and took third place.

Tvorchi, the electronic duo representing Ukraine this year, took sixth place with their catchy song 'Heart of Steel." Throughout the campaign, the duo strove to raise funds for babies born prematurely during the war.

"We want to raise funds for those hearts, to buy incubators for our hospitals, to save those hearts and to give them a chance to live in our country," Andrii Hutsuliak, one half of Tvorchi, told Euronews Culture.


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