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Celebrating the International Day of UN Peacekeepers: Fit for the future, building better together !

L'ÉPOQUE - In honor of the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers on May 29th, we reflect on the immense sacrifices made by those who serve in UN peacekeeping missions. Since the inception of UN Peacekeeping in 1948, nearly 4,000 military, police, and civilian personnel have tragically lost their lives in the pursuit of peace. On this solemn day, we pay tribute to their professionalism, dedication, and unwavering courage.

05.29.2024 © L'ÉPOQUE USA

By Emma Weber

International Day of UN Peacekeepers
L'ÉPOQUE dedicates its new Cover and Lead Story to UN Peacekeepers © UN Photo.

The role of peacekeepers in global conflicts plays a crucial part in maintaining stability and promoting peace in some of the most volatile regions around the world. For 76 years, United Nations peacekeepers have been on the frontlines, risking their lives to save and change lives in areas plagued by violence and insecurity. With over two million personnel, both uniformed and civilian, deployed since 1948, these brave individuals have been instrumental in helping countries transition from war-torn states to peaceful societies.

International Day of UN Peacekeepers
INTERNATIONAL DAY OF UN PEACEKEEPERS 2024 : Fit for the Future, Building Better Together ! © UN Photo.

Today, more than 70,000 peacekeepers are actively serving in 11 missions across various hotspots worldwide. Under the theme “Fit for the future, building better together,” this year’s International Day celebrates the remarkable contributions of military, police, and civilian peacekeepers who have dedicated their lives to upholding the values of equality, justice, and sustainability.

International Day of UN Peacekeepers
The UN Truce Supervision Organization, the first peacekeeping operation, was established in 1948 to oversee the truce between Arab and Jewish communities in Palestine. © UN Photo.

As conflicts continue to evolve into more complex and interconnected forms, peacekeeping efforts must adapt accordingly. With the support of UN member countries and guided by the UN Secretary-General’s New Agenda for Peace, peacekeepers strive to navigate through these challenges while staying true to their mission of promoting global peace and security. Through progress and collective action, they embody resilience and determination towards creating a safer and more harmonious world for all.

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