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Transform into a Living Doll: Recreating Pat McGrath's Iconic Look from Maison Margiela's Couture Show

L'ÉPOQUE - Makeup guru Pat McGrath has at last revealed the step-by-step guide to achieving the sensational makeup look from Maison Margiela's haute couture show that took the internet by storm. Discover how you can recreate this mesmerizing style !

01.29.2024 © L'ÉPOQUE USA

By Rose Lee

Pat McGrath Margiela
© Margiela

It has been one week since Maison Margiela presented its Artisanal 2024 Collection by John Galliano, and the online world is still abuzz with excitement over its groundbreaking makeup choices. This comes as no surprise to those in the beauty industry, considering that these looks were created by none other than Pat McGrath herself, known as the "mother of modern makeup.

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