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Diplomacy vs Foreign Policy: Which Path Leads to True Global Influence?

L'ÉPOQUE - Diplomacy and Foreign Policy hold significant importance in the realm of international relations and politics. The primary goal of both subjects is to advance the national interests of states through negotiation, dialogue, and increased cooperation among nations. Countries collaborate for survival, security, and state development. To achieve their respective national interests, states employ various methods to engage with each other in today's globalized world. Diplomacy and foreign policy are key components within this framework. Foreign policy refers to policies formulated by government officials and political leaders, while diplomacy entails the practical implementation of those policies carried out by diplomats through diverse means such as negotiations. This article seeks to provide a definition of both diplomacy and foreign policy, while also comparing their functionalities within the context of international relations.

01.18.2024 © L'ÉPOQUE USA

By Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon

Diplomacy vs Foreign Policy

What Is Diplomacy 

Diplomacy serves as the means to implement a state's foreign policy. It facilitates interaction and communication between states, allowing them to address their issues through discussions, debates, and negotiations to achieve mutually advantageous outcomes. Diplomacy does not necessarily result in equal benefits for both parties; powerful states may have the upper hand. However, it ensures a peaceful resolution among nations. Diplomats exert influence on other states' decisions through dialogues. The practice of diplomacy encompasses various activities ranging from sending messages via diplomats to meeting with leaders of other countries. Diplomats utilize different diplomatic tools to promote their nation's interests on the global stage. There are multiple types of diplomacy: open diplomacy as well as clandestine channels at all levels, including unilateral, bilateral, and multilateral approaches. In global politics, diplomacy is often regarded or utilized as an alternative to forceful actions.

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