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L'ÉPOQUE - History of a renaissance

L'ÉPOQUE USA - On May 3, 2023, the story of the famous Parisian magazine L'ÉPOQUE begins anew with the launch of L'ÉPOQUE USA.

05.03.2023 © L'ÉPOQUE USA

L'ÉPOQUE sign on display at the Musée Carnavalet, Paris.
L'ÉPOQUE sign on display at the Musée Carnavalet, Paris.

The Foundation in 1845

The newspaper L'ÉPOQUE was founded in 1845 at 3 rue du Coq Héron in Paris (near the newspaper La Lanterne and the Petit Figaro, both at 5 rue du Coq Héron) under the patronage of François Guizot and was headed by Félix Solar until 1847.

This dynastic and ultra-conservative newspaper could have affected "La Presse", which had turned against the Ministry. In large format (75 x 50 cm), the newspaper dealt with politics, but also with science, law, commerce and literature.

L'ÉPOQUE - Stock Dividend of 125F - Paris 1846.
L'ÉPOQUE - Stock Dividend of 125F - Paris 1846.

L'ÉPOQUE was revived in Paris in 1865 by Ernest Feydeau, writer, stockbroker, press owner, and archeologist, as a political, moderate, and independent newspaper.

The first issue of L'ÉPOQUE, a daily evening newspaper, appeared on March 9, 1865. The new newspaper was financed and managed by a company with a capital of 400,000 francs, headquartered at 5 rue Coq Héron and founded by Feydeau and a partner, the pensioner Jules Giraudeau. The latter had become joint Managing Director of the newspaper, while Feydeau retained the functions of Editor-in-chief and Political Director

Ernest Feydeau - Publisher of L'ÉPOQUE en 1865.
Ernest Feydeau - Publisher of L'ÉPOQUE in 1865.

Its editorial line, aimed at complete independence, is liberal on the rights of the press and citizens, but conservative on certain important political and social issues. L'ÉPOQUE thus represents the opposite view of the opposition newspapers of the late 19th century. On June 14, 1866, Feydeau had sold L'ÉPOQUE to Frédérick Terme, who thus became the newspaper's new editor-in-chief and managing editor, before selling it for 100,000 francs to Auguste Dusautoy, Napoleon's former tailor III.

Napoleon III, who had been supported by General Fleury, appears to have been not only the inspiration for Dusautoy's L'ÉPOQUE, but also its financier, according to accounting records found in the Tuileries after the fall of the imperial regime.

Caricature of L’Époque's Editorial Team by Gilbert-Martin.
Caricature of L’ÉPOQUE's Editorial Team by Gilbert-Martin.

​Under this influence, L'ÉPOQUE became the unofficial newspaper of the liberal empire thanks to Clément Duvernois, who had been its Political Director since July 1, 1867, while Terme retained the position of Editor-in-Chief.

In early 1868, L'ÉPOQUE changed and became a morning newspaper. Duvernois thus became the new owner of the newspaper on April 1, having acquired Dusautoy's shares. Frédérick Terme had to restructure the newspaper, which at that time had a circulation of 2,900 copies.

On February 1, 1869, the newspaper ceased daily publication and became a weekly before ceasing publication for good.

L’ÉPOQUE's men in 1867 : Dusautoy, Napoléon III and Duvernois (illustration by Régamey, 1883.
L’ÉPOQUE's men in 1867 : Dusautoy, Napoléon III and Duvernois (illustration by Régamey, 1883.

In 1937, Henry Simond re-established L'ÉPOQUE as a daily newspaper. The first issue appeared on June 9, 1937, with an editorial board composed of former journalists from L'Écho de Paris. When Henry Simond died on July 24, 1937, André Pironneau and Henri de Kérillis assumed the title of Co-Director, while Raymond Cartier became Editor-in-Chief.

His political positioning, conservative but staunchly hostile to Nazism, did not guarantee him a large readership. Circulation reached 92,000 copies in early 1938.

L'ÉPOQUE newspaper - June 9, 1937.
L'ÉPOQUE newspaper - June 9, 1937.

After the Anschluss in March 1938, L'ÉPOQUE was the only French daily that seriously considered the possibility of war against the Third Reich. It rejected the Munich Agreement of September 1938.

However, its publication was interrupted on June 10, 1940, due to the invasion of Paris by the German army.

It resumed on May 3, 1945, with the subtitle "Perished in June 1940. " At the end of 1946, L'ÉPOQUE ceased publication for good until it was reprinted.

L'ÉPOQUE newspaper - January 31, 1939.
L'ÉPOQUE newspaper - January 31, 1939.

The Renaissance in 1865

Since its beginnings, many journalists, writers, poets, and politicians of the late 19th century have contributed to the success and reputation of L'ÉPOQUE as a liberal source of information.

In 2023, Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon, cultural diplomat, investor and artist, founder of the NDB GROUP (NEREIDES DE BOURBON GROUP), the diplomatic club NEREIDES CLUB - INTERNATIONAL CULTURAL DIPLOMACY CORPORATION, and of Parisian haute couture house NEREIDES DE BOURBON, announced the renaissance of L'ÉPOQUE after 178 years and became its new owner, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon - Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of L'ÉPOQUE in 2023.
Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon - Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of L'ÉPOQUE in 2023.

However, the creative direction was entrusted to artist Lello Ammirati, who has been Creative Director of NDB Group since 2007. Thank you to the use of a blockchain license issued by NDB GROUP and operated by LutinX, L'ÉPOQUE has made its beginnings in the metaverse.

True to the liberal values of its first founder, L'ÉPOQUE has become a new source of freedom of expression and inspiration

Lello Ammirati - Co-owner and Creative Director of L'ÉPOQUE in 2023.
Lello Ammirati - Co-owner and Creative Director of L'ÉPOQUE in 2023.

​Since January 2023, L'ÉPOQUE has had an online presence and global reach.

On May 3, 2023, L'ÉPOQUE also conquered America. To mark World Press Freedom Day, Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon also launched L'ÉPOQUE USA, a first American edition of L'ÉPOQUE Paris, dedicating the first cover to the Statue of Liberty, the symbol of friendship between France and the United States of America and the symbol of freedom par excellence.

L'ÉPOQUE is considered an international reference for French lifestyle and is one of the leading magazines in the premium press.

It offers a photographic look at cultural and contemporary lifestyle.

L'EPOQUE covers selected topics in current affairs, culture, business, diplomacy, industry trends, philanthropy, art, fashion, luxury, gastronomy and more.

In the world of information, L'ÉPOQUE is a reliable and independent source.

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